This is good place to eat. I really like their Hawaii Green house creation. The sauce is very testy. I would recommend this place to my friends.
Had a wonderful experience when I came by for opening day. Staff was very professional and friendly. Felt very welcomed while I was there. Anyone who is a fan of sushi and poke should definitely stop in and check things out!
Seriously good! The menu is concise with just a few different "House Creation" entrees to choose from, but there is also a build-your-own option. I had the "Hawaii Green Poke Poke," and the dish's flavor was well balanced. The staff was very kind, and genuinely interested in any feedback I had for them. The restaurant itself was bright and modern. Bonus style points for the Hello Kitty soy sauce bottles on the tables :)
Sooo good! Service was amazing, food was delicious! They also have vegan options!
Great new poke place! Cozy little restaurant and staff are very friendly. They have a great variety of Japanese sodas and teas available, which I thought was cool. They're also very generous with the sushi portions in their bowls compared to some other places I've been to. Everything tasted delicious!
Great food and a great staff, they were friendly
very high quality fish and crisp/clean interior. wisconsin snow is a clever name for a bowl. had the hawaiian green bowl, which was great and I'll probably get again. they had infused water, which I always like too. staff were very friendly. glad to have a good poke place in the neighborhood :)
Last time I had rude delivery guy who was 3rd party carrier not involved with the restaurant. The owner kindly apologized and solved the misunderstanding. Best customer service provided by any restaurant I've been to and I am willing to order more from here. This restaurant knows how to give out feedback and fix what is wrong to provide the best solution. I enjoyed the food.
It is a little pricey, but it taste great, and all the ingredients are very fresh! Will definitely go back.